About Us


The barn was originally built in 1886 to operate a dairy farm in the popular dairy era. Prior to our barn being built, what is known as The Great Drought of 1862, wiped out the majority of the cattle and sheep in the Edna Valley. Following this detrimental drought, the Rodriguez family took over the parcel of property, when they were issued a land grant from “la Mission de San Luis Obispo” de Tolosa, that the barn sits on today. With the passing of particular family members, one of the brothers Jaciento Rodriguez was left with debt that he was unable to pay off. In order to pay the debt off he was pinned in the situation of selling the land to the Steele Brothers.

In June of 1866 Edgar Willis Steele came to San Luis Obispo, where he and his brothers, George and Isaac purchased 45,000 acres of land in southern Edna Valley from Jaciento Rodriguez. The Steele brothers then developed five successful dairy farms in what is today’s Edna Valley and Arroyo Grande areas. After the Steele brothers owned the barn, there has been multiple owners throughtout the years, however the barn remained original and has left a historical stamp in this area.  


The owners Earl and Chris Darway have been on the Central Coast since their childhood. As fourth generation farmers, they grow a variety of produce in the heart of the Edna Valley. The farm lands surrounding the venue is where these brothers have planted their heart and soul. As we are a working farm, this ambience truly is one of a kind.

The White Barn – Edna Valley

The owners took the historic dairy barn and transformed it into the clean chic barn it is today. By laying stamped concrete on the floors of the barn and adding structural support, yet not tampering with the redwood side paneling, truly has our guests failing in love with the barns characteristics. Adding the dreamy hardware to the front doors and painting the barn white has brought life to the barn again!