Venue Rules

The White Barn - Edna Valley is committed to providing excellent service to ensure the success of your event. To uphold these, service standards, we have outlined our guidelines for your consideration. Please review our policies and call our Operations and Events Manager if you have any questions or special requests.


The White Barn – Edna Valley’s standard booking window is 24 months. A non-refundable deposit of $2,000.00 is required in order to reserve a function date.


All charges will be in the form of a valid check or credit card basis. We do not accept cash. Pre-payment of the remaining charges of a function is due and payable (150) days in advance of the scheduled function. Any remaining balance resulting from additional charges is payable (30) days in advance of the scheduled functions.


Deposits are non-refundable and are not applicable for a change of date. Additional fees may apply if the event is cancelled within 150 days of function date.

Food and Beverage

We work very closely with the local vendors on our preferred vendor list and know they will bring the highest quality of service to the table. As we too want to create a perfect event for you, we have put together a list of spectacular vendors for you to choose from. The White Barn – Edna Valley requires you to choose your event coordinator, catering team and bartending service from our Preferred Vendors List. For all other services, we would love to invite vendors from our recommendation list, or of your preference. If you have a request to bring in a vendor who is not on our list, this must be approved no later than (30) days out from the event, by the Operations and Events Manager. Vendors who may be considered at the minimum must have insurance and proper licensing.

Alcoholic Beverages

Liquor, beer and wine may be served on The White Barn – Edna Valley property and MUST BE dispensed by a licensed catering or bar service company. A copy of the selected companies’ alcohol licenses and liability coverage must be presented to Operations and Events Manager 30 days prior to the event date. All alcohol must be hosted and cannot be available for re-sale for your guests. Proper identification to verify a person’s age is required. We reserve the right to refuse alcoholic beverage service to anyone who is underage or cannot provide proper identification. We also reserve the right to refuse alcoholic beverage service to any person who, in the Operations and Events Managers sole judgment, appears to be intoxicated.


The Operations and Events Manager must approve all decorations in advance. No items may be nailed, stapled, thumbtacked or glued to any portion of the barn including permanent items in the barn. All candles must be contained in The White Barn – Edna Valley approved holders. Candle flames must be below rim of the candleholder. The White Barn – Edna Valley staff reserves the right to remove and/or extinguish candles and charge for any damage to the property, or when excessive cleanup is required. Bird seed, rice, glitter, confetti and sparklers are not allowed anywhere on the premises.

Personal Items

Guests are responsible for all items brought to events and to any of the VRBO homes. The White Barn – Edna Valley as a whole will not be held responsible for the loss or damage to a participant’s personal belongings.


There are designated smoking areas on the property, however if any amount of cigarette or cigar buts are found anywhere on the property a $200.00 clean-up fee may be applied by the sole judgement of the Operations and Events Manager.


This is to be managed and taken out to the large dumpster by the hired catering company.

Set-Up and Break-Down

The guest is solely responsible for organizing the set-up and break-down duties with their Event Coordinator. Typically, event vendors assist in these areas, but please have this arranged at least (10) days out and send the organized plan to the Operations and Events Manager. The event must be cleaned up no later than Midnight. All events are to end by 10pm sharp! If a White Barn – Edna Valley staff member has to say past Midnight, the guest who booked the venue could be held responsible to pay a fee at the sole discretion of the Operations and Events Manager.

Event Rentals

A list of all event rental companies (including their contacts) of who will be dropping off any rentals to The White Barn – Edna Valley, is to be turned into the Operations and Events Manager (15) days out from the event. All rentals must be picked up the day after the event, unless otherwise previously arranged with the Operations and Events Manager. Please arrange with the Operations and Events Manager what day and time the event rentals will be dropped off at The White Barn – Edna Valley.

Pre-Event Meeting

The White Barn – Edna Valley requires the client and their event coordinator to meet with the Operations and Events Manager one month out from their event date to run through all details of the event.


We ask that all vehicles that will be parking on the property park to the left of the barn when facing it straight on. There is a designated grass parking area in that location. All vehicles are prohibited anywhere else on the property, unless cleared with the Operations and Events Manager. Any transportation such as; buses, limos, etc. must use the round driveway, in front of the barn for loading and unloading, they are to not drive on any grass. Vehicles are prohibited from parking on Green Gate road. Any vehicles parked on Green Gate Road are subjected to be towed at the expense of the “Owner” of the vehicle. Shuttles services and Ubers are also a great way of transporting guests safely. If there are a couple cars that need to stay overnight at the venue, we require all vehicles to be picked up no later than 10am the day following the event.