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This venue is beyond amazing. My mom and I knew instantly when we walked on the property that this was the one! On top of it, Alicia showed us around and she not only sold us on it, but also on herself. She works with so much confidence, that you know you wouldn't want your wedding anywhere else!!

Its a breathtaking view, an incredible team, but also just an experience all it's own. Alicia dealt in grace with everything and made the things I was worried about seem like no big deal. So much of our day went smoothly because of her!

Also, definitely recommend the Farm House as a get ready spot for your ladies/gents or as a weekend stay for the Bride & Groom. It was so nice to just relax and enjoy each other after all the excitement had settled.

The White Barn has a certain magic about it and all our guests agreed it was the spot to be! We couldn't be more thankful!


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