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Photo by Slotography

So let me start by saying; if you are at all venue searching in SLO county and The White Barn is on your list, just say yes! This was the first and only venue I looked at, however, that wasn’t the plan originally as we had 3 other venue tours that month. From the moment we pulled up and parked our cars I absolutely fell in love. Then, we met Alicia the manager (who is amazing by the way) and I immediately vibed with her. She explain the whole process in detail, gave me her cell phone number in case I had questions, and I ended up leaving that day knowing 100% that was my venue. I did a “soft” book and cancelled all my other venue showings. From the housing rentals, to the management team the week and night of, to the venue itself, it was an absolute dream come true! I promise, you won’t regret it if you use them as your venue!

Love, The Loy Wedding



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